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Kamerakran mieten - Supertechno 30
Kamerakran mieten - Supertechno 30
Kamerakran mieten - Jimmy Jib
Seilkamerasystem Wire Cam
Audiotechnik Beschallung
Audiotechnik Beschallung

OMD – Optimale MedienDienstleistungen – as their German name suggests – provides the best possible services for both, TV, entertainment, music and conference events as well as film and advertisement productions.

We deliver optimal media services for all types of events. With our knowledge and skills, we support you in achieving your aim and to be successful.

It is important to us that everything works optimally – you can count on it.


Camera crane

No matter if you need a telescopic or a fixed length camera crane, we have the right one for your project.

Wire Cam

Only flying is better. A Wire Cam is guaranteed to produce breathtaking footage.

Audio Systems

You can count on professional sound equipment for your project. We measure the noise level according to DIN 15905.

Special Services

We will also take care of other essentials for your project.

We are the right fit for your project.

We support and consult you during the process of idea generation und you will receive an offer based on your requirements. We will be there for you every step of the way, create concepts and visualizations so you are ideally prepared for your client.
Our employees are industry experts and what’s more, all-rounders. In collaboration with you, our team will make your project a success all the while diligently implementing nothing less than what we have offered you.
From the joint review and follow-up to the invoice, no question shall remain unanswered. This is where the preparation for your next project begins, because “after the show is before the show”.